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Victoria Justice- Gold

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I am a little late on this but I still felt like I needed to write about it.

Victoria Justice officially released her first single unaffiliated with Nickelodeon on Tuesday, June 18th. Justice stated many times that this album was going to be completely “her.” And I feel that this song definitely is.  It is a breath of fresh air compared to many songs that are being released lately. It has a “feel-good” vibe and is honestly one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Plus, Victoria Justice in the art work isn’t hard to look at either ;).

People are comparing Justice’s single to Britt Nicoles own song, “Gold.”  The only part that sounds similar for me is when Justice says the word gold. I believe that Justice’s single is much better. The single sounds a bit like Bridgit Mendler and Justice even throws in a few notes that sound very Sara Bareilles-esque

Unfortunately, I do not believe that “Gold” will get the exposure or reach the popularity that her fellow Victorious cast mate Ariana Grande’s “The Way” did.  It was not even featured on iTune’s main new music page (why??). However, if the song does get the exposure it deserves, I think it could be a smash.

Check out “Gold” right here:

Also check out Britt Nicole’s, “Gold.” Which song is better?


The Voice Season 4 Finale Predictions

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The Voice

In honor of NBC’s The Voice finale being tonight, I thought that I would write a prediction.

I tweeted last week that my thoughts on who would make it to the finale would be Danielle Bradbery, Michelle Chamuel and The Swon Brothers.  Just like I predicted, those were the top three.  However, the real battle this whole season has been fought between Danielle and Michelle.  They both bring different qualities to this season.  Danielle is the youngest in the competition and completely lovable, and Michelle is that nerdy girl that didn’t quite fit in and America fell in love with her.  As far as vocal ability, Danielle takes it.  The quality in her voice is upstanding, and for her age it is unprecedented.  Michelle does have an incredible voice as well, but I do not believe it matches Danielle’s.  I do believe the Swon Brothers will place third on the finale results show tomorrow night, however they have made a mark in the competition and with America.  They are the only duo to make it to a finale on any of The Voice seasons and their last two songs BOTH made it into the top ten of the iTunes singles chart.

But at the end of the day, there must only be one winner, and that winner to me is…..drum roll please…..DANIELLE BRADBERY!  Ever since Danielle stepped onto the stage for the blind auditions to sing her rendition of Taylor Swift’s, “Mean” I knew she was destined for greatness.  Week after week her singles excel on iTunes and she never receives negative criticism from the coaches.