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Krewella- Live For The Night

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Krewella is an up and coming EDM group originating from Chicago, Illinois who were formed in 2007.  There has been a lot of buzz circulating around the group ever since their 2013 song, “Alive” tore up the mainstream airwaves.  On Tuesday, July 2nd the group released the first official single from their upcoming album Get Wet entitled, “Live For The Night.” I definitely believe it could be a smash hit.

Live For The Night is a true EDM styled song but with a great melody and hard house beat.  Krewella has been known for coming out with more hard-hitting songs that are heavily dubstep influenced, however, “Live For The Night” is definitely on the poppier/mainstream side but still with an edge.

Krewella got the exposure they needed with their hit song “Alive” and reached number 32 on The Billboard Hot 100.  I believe “Live For The Night” has what it takes to become an even larger hit for the group and could potentially turn Krewella into a household name.

What do you think of the song? Check it out right here:

Also, check out their previous hit, “Alive”:


Avicii- Wake Me Up

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I haven’t posted anything in a few days and I know I am a little late on this song, but I had to write about it.

I am a HUGE EDM (Electric Dance Music) and house DJ Avicii fan. It is the absolute best music to dance or listen to in a party environment.  Plus, many songs have a lot of meaning and substance lyrically. My favorite DJ’s definitely are Alesso, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Krewella, Hardwell, Dada Life, Nero, Zedd and Martin Solveig. This music has been taking over the top 40 airwaves and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Avicii is one of the most popular house artists in the game, and he proves exactly why with his newest single, “Wake Me Up.” The song is completely different than anything we have heard from him before.  I heard a really great comparison of it.  The person said, “on one side there is Mumford & Sons, and on the other is David Guetta.”  This is 100% accurate.  The beat is very electronic and dance-like which is exactly what we come to expect from Avicii, however, the vocals sound almost country.  American soul singer Aloe Blacc delivers an exceptional vocal performance on this record.  You can hear the soul in his voice and he is one of the main reasons why I currently have this song on repeat.

Avicii made a name for himself with his 2011 hit, “Levels.”  Since then he has continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the EDM world, however, he has not received much mainstream success.  In 2013 he released a collaborative single with fellow house DJ Nicky Romero titled, “I Could Be The One.” The single was played on radio stations across the US, but did not reach the level that I’m sure he wanted it to.

Other house artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris have made successful crossovers into the mainstream world.  Each artist has had multiple smash hits in the last few years and have become household names. I believe that ‘Wake Me Up” could achieve major mainstream success and could convert Avicii into a mainstream global music sensation. Avicii also announced that his first studio album, #TRUE, will be released on September 17th, 2013.  If “Wake Me Up” becomes the hit like I think it will, #TRUE could be one of the biggest albums in EDM history.

What do you think of the song? Check it out right here:

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé – Beneath Your Beautiful

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A visually stunning video and a courageously truthful lyric.  Labrinth and Emily Sande deliver an impressive song that is bound to be a smash.

Although this video was released in October, I have just now seen it and am in complete awe.  The only word I can say after watching this video is CHILLS.

Beneath Your Beautiful” touches the soul with its delivery of true love and passion.  It is a tale of going after something you absolutely want, even if it is presumed that it is impossible to obtain. The tune is very similar to Rihanna‘s, “Stay” but much improved.  You can hear the passion seeping through the amazing vocals by Labrinth AND Emily Sande. The ENTIRE video consists of Labrinth on the piano or standing in the foreground with Sande on a giant screen behind him, or Sande in the foreground and Labrinth on the screen.  It is not a huge blockbuster-style music video, but that is why it shines.  You can completely see the passion in both artist’s faces which makes the video completely believable   Not only is the song passionate and beautiful, it is remarkably catchy.  I have been singing “take it off now girl take it off now girl” over and over in my head for the past two days!

Emily Sande is a huge up and comer in the music industry with an immense amount of buzz circulating around her.  Could “Beneath Your Beautiful” top her first popular single “Next To Me”? I think so.

Check out the video for “Beneath Your Beautiful” here:

Victoria Justice- Gold

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I am a little late on this but I still felt like I needed to write about it.

Victoria Justice officially released her first single unaffiliated with Nickelodeon on Tuesday, June 18th. Justice stated many times that this album was going to be completely “her.” And I feel that this song definitely is.  It is a breath of fresh air compared to many songs that are being released lately. It has a “feel-good” vibe and is honestly one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard. Plus, Victoria Justice in the art work isn’t hard to look at either ;).

People are comparing Justice’s single to Britt Nicoles own song, “Gold.”  The only part that sounds similar for me is when Justice says the word gold. I believe that Justice’s single is much better. The single sounds a bit like Bridgit Mendler and Justice even throws in a few notes that sound very Sara Bareilles-esque

Unfortunately, I do not believe that “Gold” will get the exposure or reach the popularity that her fellow Victorious cast mate Ariana Grande’s “The Way” did.  It was not even featured on iTune’s main new music page (why??). However, if the song does get the exposure it deserves, I think it could be a smash.

Check out “Gold” right here:

Also check out Britt Nicole’s, “Gold.” Which song is better?

Miley Cyrus- We Can’t Stop Video- Uncomfortably Awesome

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The much anticipated video of Miley Cyrus’s ” We Can’t Stop” has officially dropped as of 11 hours ago, and all I can think of is WOW.

WOW for two reasons. 1. Weird. 2. Fantastic

1. Weird.

I am a fan of Miley Cyrus because she stays true to who she is.  She has never pretended she was “innocent” in order to keep her young fans from the wildly popular “Hannah Montana.”  But because I do remember her as a child star this video is a tad uncomfortable.  She takes her new found love “twerking” to a whole new level.  She dances and moves very provocatively and there are many weird visuals like a girl cutting off her fingers, a man eating a money sandwich,  and awkward sexual gestures. However, as uncomfortable as it was, throughout the entire video i was also thinking, “perfection.”

2. Fantastic.

I truly believe that this video is absolutely perfect for this song.  “We Can’t Stop” is a whole new sound for Miley, therefore, the video needed to be completely different than anything she has done before.  The video was incredibly weird, but in a good way.  She shows that she is growing up, but without overdoing it.  She doesn’t show too much skin, she isn’t “grinding” on guys, but she definitely establishes her maturity.  I believe this video will increase the popularity of her single, and possibly even get it placed into the Billboard Hot 100. Only time will tell.

Check out Miley’s newest video:

Britney Spears- Ooh La La

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I wasn’t going to make a post about Britney Spears’ new song until I heard it consecutively on two different local radio stations.

I have to say I am disappointed in this song and I REALLY hope it is not the lead single from her upcoming album.  It lacks originality and uniqueness.  However, it does have a few promising parts.

The verse right before the chorus when she sings,

“You know can nobody get down like us
We don’t fuck ’till we get enough
C’mon, turn it up ’till the speakers pop
Break it down, show me what you’ve got”

feels awesome.  It feels like it is building up to a huge drop of a cool house or pop beat (like in her previous records).  But then it slows back down and sounds like every other song out there.

I see success in this song (if it is the lead single) ONLY because it is Britney’s song, NOT because I think it deserves it.

Check it out for yourself!

Fifth Harmony- Miss Movin’ On

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Fifth Harmony is a girl group who originated on the widely popular, The X Factor. They have debuted their first single, Miss Movin’ On and I am pleasantly surprised.  The song is definitely a pop song, however it feels incredibly fresh. The vocals are on point the melody is very enjoyable.  I do not know yet if the song will become a hit, but I definitely believe it will give Fifth Harmony the platform to succeed in future projects.

I definitely think Fifth Harmony is here to stay. Check out their new single Miss Movin’ On