Krewella- Live For The Night


Krewella is an up and coming EDM group originating from Chicago, Illinois who were formed in 2007.  There has been a lot of buzz circulating around the group ever since their 2013 song, “Alive” tore up the mainstream airwaves.  On Tuesday, July 2nd the group released the first official single from their upcoming album Get Wet entitled, “Live For The Night.” I definitely believe it could be a smash hit.

Live For The Night is a true EDM styled song but with a great melody and hard house beat.  Krewella has been known for coming out with more hard-hitting songs that are heavily dubstep influenced, however, “Live For The Night” is definitely on the poppier/mainstream side but still with an edge.

Krewella got the exposure they needed with their hit song “Alive” and reached number 32 on The Billboard Hot 100.  I believe “Live For The Night” has what it takes to become an even larger hit for the group and could potentially turn Krewella into a household name.

What do you think of the song? Check it out right here:

Also, check out their previous hit, “Alive”:


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