Miley Cyrus- We Can’t Stop Video- Uncomfortably Awesome


The much anticipated video of Miley Cyrus’s ” We Can’t Stop” has officially dropped as of 11 hours ago, and all I can think of is WOW.

WOW for two reasons. 1. Weird. 2. Fantastic

1. Weird.

I am a fan of Miley Cyrus because she stays true to who she is.  She has never pretended she was “innocent” in order to keep her young fans from the wildly popular “Hannah Montana.”  But because I do remember her as a child star this video is a tad uncomfortable.  She takes her new found love “twerking” to a whole new level.  She dances and moves very provocatively and there are many weird visuals like a girl cutting off her fingers, a man eating a money sandwich,  and awkward sexual gestures. However, as uncomfortable as it was, throughout the entire video i was also thinking, “perfection.”

2. Fantastic.

I truly believe that this video is absolutely perfect for this song.  “We Can’t Stop” is a whole new sound for Miley, therefore, the video needed to be completely different than anything she has done before.  The video was incredibly weird, but in a good way.  She shows that she is growing up, but without overdoing it.  She doesn’t show too much skin, she isn’t “grinding” on guys, but she definitely establishes her maturity.  I believe this video will increase the popularity of her single, and possibly even get it placed into the Billboard Hot 100. Only time will tell.

Check out Miley’s newest video:


One Response to “Miley Cyrus- We Can’t Stop Video- Uncomfortably Awesome”

  1. She is staying true to herself. I’m glad just because she was on Hannah Montana she’s gonna act all innocent just for her fans. People need to learn accept Miley as she is and shut the hell up because their just hating and there’s no reason for that. I love Miley so much! I’m her biggest fan! People are so stupid for not realizing she is an amazing fucking singer. It still pisses me off that people say, oh she’s on drugs now and she’s so innapropaite! What the hell! She’s not on drugs you fuckin dumbasses! She’s being herself and I love her! That’s what life is about. Living it! And that video showed it all! I love you Miley so much stay true to yourself! 😘😍

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