Thoughts On The Voice Live Finale June 17th


I just finished watching The Voice’s season finale (thank god for DVR) and all I can say is YES.

I have been a huge fan of Danielle Bradbery and Michelle Chamuel from day one.  Their stories and voices compelled me and made me want to watch them week after week (and even vote a few times).  The Swon Brothers were late bloomers for me but I eventually became a fan.  I do believe The Swon Brothers are without a doubt the most improved of this incredible season.

Each artist sang three separate songs (with an extra one which was a tribute to their coaches).  They each sang their finale song, their defining moment of the season, and a duet with their coach.

My favorite performances from each artist:

The Swon Brothers duet with Blake Shelton.  It really showed their funny side while still showcasing their incredible voices.

Michelle Chamuel: Why.  The production and special effects of this performance were something we have never seen before on the show (I would post the link but it is still too early and it is not on YouTube…AHH!)

Danielle Bradbery: Maybe It Was Memphis. For me, this was absolutely her defining moment. When I first heard it I couldn’t get enough; I even downloaded it and put it on my iPhone!  This song shows her vocal ability and proves she is definitely worth the hype.

I also have to give a shout-out to Shakira for being so supportive of the finalist although no one from her team was left standing.

After this finale, my prediction remains the same as for Danielle Bradbery to be this seasons victor.


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